Warning – Scam HMRC Letter

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Warning – Scam HMRC Letter

We have recently become aware of a scam HMRC letter – whereby scammers are sending letters to employers stating they have not received payment for amounts owed.

The letter looks extremely genuine, however the PAYE reference is fake. Upon investigation, the amounts requested were not due, and the bank details provided are not HMRC.

If in doubt about any letter from HMRC demanding payment, our advice is to check the amounts against another source. The easiest way of doing this is to sign up for a secure HMRC online services account, against which any live tax liabilities can be checked electronically. You can then corroborate the content of any physical letter you may have received. You can find out more about this here. 

If you receive a demand for payment that you are unsure about, or would like to discuss your correspondence with HMRC, please feel free to contact our team of Chartered Accountants who will be more than happy to assist you.

You can call us at our Halesowen (0121 550 8525) or Bromsgrove (01527 579 975) offices.

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