Cash Flow, Consultancy & Forecasting

If any business wishes to be successful then planning is essential. Many business owners often neglect planning as they have the daily pressures of running their business.

Cutter & Co offers a consultancy service which can assist you in your business planning and can help in formulating your future company strategy.

Many businesses are successful and profitable but neglect their cash flow. Our team can formulate cash flow forecasts so you can identify the best times to invest in new equipment for example. We can also help you with your credit control and can help you identify any customers who are delaying payment.

Past results can often prove invaluable in future forecasting and Cutter & Co are perfectly placed to assist you with this.
We can also then monitor your actual results and compare them to these budgets.

Did you know?

From a recent survey carried out, out of 2,877 entrepreneurs, 54% had not completed a business plan. Comparing the annual results of the companies surveyed, 64% of businesses who completed a business plan experienced growth in that year whilst this was only 43% for those that didn’t. In addition, 67% of those companies that secured finance (either loan or capital) were those that completed a business plan.

Many businesses fail due to uncontrolled growth. Business owners often think growth is the number one priority but if company infrastructure and cash flow cannot sustain this growth then failure can be inevitable.

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