Management Accounts

Management Accounts

The decisions made by the directors or owners of a company can lead to the success or failure of a business.

In order to make the correct decisions, it is important that concise, reliable and accurate information is given on a timely basis to those making the decisions.

Cutter & Co use the latest computerised software to ensure that management accounts can be prepared promptly at our clients request or at regular intervals.

We can tailor these accounts to suit your needs.

The staff at Cutter & Co have the knowledge to help you understand what the accounts show and how to identify areas of concern and areas where improvement is possible.

Did you know?

Management accounts are not a statutory requirement but our experience tells us that they can be invaluable to clients.
They can be prepared for any time period, but the most common are monthly or quarterly.

By analysing management accounts and comparing them for numerous periods we can increase the chance of identifying any areas of concern early and thus be proactive in our response.

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