Tax Enquiries

There can be many reasons why clients are selected for tax enquiries.

In an increasingly aggressive tax environment, Cutter & Co are well placed to defend your position during an enquiry and ensure that you pay no more than the correct amount of tax.

We ensure that HMRC act strictly within the law whilst, at the same time, cooperate with them to bring the enquiry to a speedy resolution.

We are proactive with our clients’ tax returns and always look at our clients returns prior to submission to see if there is anything on it which may trigger an enquiry. If so we will try and communicate with HMRC in order to prevent it.

Cutter & Co offer tax enquiry insurance via a third party. This insurance covers any additional accountancy fees which may become due if we assist in the enquiry.

Did you know?

The penalties applied to any additional tax due range for 0% to 100%. The rate applied will reflect whether you identified the mistake or HMRC and also how helpful you are during the enquiry.

Interest will be payable on any outstanding tax for the day that the tax should have been paid.

There are many reasons why HMRC can open an enquiry and some may well be entirely random.

Tax enquiries can be for a specific year or for multiple year along with being for a specific tax (i.e. income tax) or for more than one (i.e. corporation tax and VAT).

We’re always happy to help – contact us today

If you have received a tax enquiry letter from HMRC and require assistance then we would be happy to help. To speak to one of us about this service please call 0121 550 8525 or email