Corporate Taxation

At Cutter & Co we recognise that the increasingly complex tax framework can be a burden on many businesses and we aim to provide a service which enables business owners to feel confident that they are compliant with tax legislation yet mitigating tax liabilities as much as possible.

We can assist you and your company in planning for capital expenditure and make sure that you obtain the maximum amount of tax relief you can.

Cutter & Co is registered with the Chartered Institute of Tax (CIOT) as a firm of Chartered Tax Advisers and therefore our clients can be confident that they are getting the best possible advice.

In addition, companies may be entitled to claim other reliefs such as enhanced Research and Development expenditure.  This can help minimise your corporate tax liabilities and in some circumstances can be sacrificed for tax repayments.

We will also look at changing group structures in order to minimise tax bills and assist with planning profit extraction in order to minimise potential liabilities for the company and also the individuals being remunerated.

Did you know?

Corporation tax is due on all limited company profits and, for small and medium sized companies, is payable 9 months and 1 day after the end of the accounting period although the return can be filed 12 months after the period end.

If your company has made losses in an accounting period then you may be able to claim some corporation tax back from HM Revenue & Customs.

Losses can occur for many reasons.  Young companies often have significant investment costs which can outweigh the profits for that period and well established business may also have periods where investment in new plant and machinery is necessary.  Any potential repayment of tax can assist cash flow and thus improve future prospects.

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