What Makes us Different – Cutter & Co, Your Chartered Accountants

Video transcript

It’s easy to say we work with all businesses, but that’s the actual truth – anything from your retired pensioner who does a little bit of gardening on the side for a bit of a disposable income to your multi-million-pound businesses.

Cutter and Co are a general practice firm of accountants who prepare accounts, produce tax returns, look at capital gains planning, et cetera.

For businesses, corporates we’ll prepare quarterly VAT returns, management accounts year-end statutory accounts, payroll and corporate tax, and general sort of advisory work as well. I think the main thing that makes us different from other accountants is that we’re very approachable, very hands-on friendly business. We don’t just do your year-end accounts; you don’t just see us at the year-end; we make sure that we keep in touch with you throughout the year and keep you informed of anything new that’s happening within the accountancy world or business.

We do become an extension of people’s businesses. We have a lot of long-serving clients we stay with them for years because we have that good relationship there.

When companies are choosing an accountant they should look for a business that will react within a short time frame rather than just sort of disappear and not respond when they they need to talk to their accountant.

I think a lot of accountants are seen as an end-of-year service.

We want to build a strong close relationship with our clients so that they feel that they can call us anytime throughout the year and with any query any question and we can be proactive.

I think the most common misconception of our services is that we will charge for every single email and every single question that we get asked. We operate on a fixed fee basis the fee that we quote you is the fee that we will charge at the end of the year.

If you’d like to find out more about Cutter & Co, please do contact us on our website on www.cutterandco.co.uk. You can call us on our Bromsgrove number 01527 579 975, or our Halesowen office on 0121 550 8525. And we can always be contacted at Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.