What It’s Like To Work Here – Cutter & Co, Your Chartered Accountants

Video transcript

One of my favorite things about my job is actually the relationships that I build with my clients. I like to think that I get on with them very well, they know that they can phone me about anything, and they can ask questions about anything and just run ideas past me.

Cutter & Co are a chartered accountants based in Halesowen. We serve lots of clients in the Halesowen area and also further afield, some as far as Scotland and London.

Our relationship with our clients is very friendly, but also professional we try to have some fun where it’s appropriate to do so, but also make sure that we get the job done and do our job to the best of our ability.

We see ourselves as a family firm. Paul Cutter who’s son, David Cutter at the firm up in 1981 is still a director at the firm. You can ring us up you can ask for any director, partner manager, junior it doesn’t matter who you call for we all will be there for you; we don’t want to have that corporate feel.

I think what makes us different from other accountants is the personal service we provide.

We don’t want to see you once a year and say thank you very much here’s your accounts, here’s the tax you owe, see you next year. We want to build a relationship with our clients.

We like to do work in the community, so we do charity work every year. In the past we’ve done things for the environment like tree planting this year we’re working with Ronald McDonald Charity, so we have already done a 5k inflatable fun run this year and we’re all intending to go and spend a day in one of the houses helping out with the services that they provide for the families.

If you want to work for Cutter & Co I think the main attributes and characteristics you need are to just be friendly, approachable, have a hard work ethic and be a team player. If you have those attributes and I think you’ll fit in well.

If you’d like to find out more about Cutter & Co, please do contact our website on www.cutterandco.co.uk. You can call us on our Bromsgrove number 01527 579 975 or our Halesowen office on 0121 550 8525, and we can always be contacted at Facebook LinkedIn or Twitter.