Value Added Tax



Standard rate (7/47 of VAT-inclusive price)17.5%
Registration level from 1.4.10£70,000 per annum
Deregistration level from 1.4.10£68,000 per annum
Standard rate rises to 20% on 4.1.2011 (1/6 of VAT inclusive price).
Scale Charges (will change from 4.1.2011)
The scale charges for private use of business fuel are based on the CO2 emissions rating of the car. A different charge will apply for each 5g/km increase between 130g/km and 230g/km (max). For a 3 month period:
120 or less£120.00 net£21.00 VAT
121-134180.43 net31.57 VAT
rising by per 5g/km by approx*12.06 net2.11 VAT
230 or above422.13 net73.87 VAT
* exact figures must be obtained from full table.