Stamp Duty 2010/11

Stamp Duty


Stamp duty, stamp duty reserve tax (SDRT) and stamp duty land tax (SDLT) are charged on transactions in shares and land. The rates are:
Charged on total considerationRate
shares (stamp duty/SDRT)
– value up to £1,000nil
– value over £1,0000.5%
land (SDLT):
– up to threshold0%
– threshold – £250,0001%
– £250,001 – £500,0003%
– over £500,0004%
The threshold depends on whether the property is residential or commercial and whether it is in a “disadvantaged area”:
First-time homebuyers can claim exemption from SDLT on purchases up to £250,000 in the two years commencing 25.3.10.
The first sale of a new “zero carbon” property will be exempt from SDLT if the value is up to £500,000.

Stamp duty is charged on the total consideration, and is always rounded up to the nearest £5.

SDLT is charged on the whole consideration and is rounded down to the nearest £1.

SDLT is charged on the grant of a lease on any premium (using the above rates) and on the discounted net present value of the rental stream. This charge is at 1% of the excess of the NPV over the threshold.

Gifts, wills and other ‘gratuitous transfers’ are generally not liable to duty at all.

Stamp duty and its related taxes are normally due from the purchaser within 30 days of the chargeable transaction