Main Capital Allowances

Capital Allowances


Allowance %
Plant and machinery
– annual investment allowance £100,000*100
– certain energy efficient plant, including low emission cars100
– writing down allowance: general pool20
– writing down allowance: special rate pool10
*£50,000 to 31.3.10 (companies) or 5.4.10 (income tax traders)
The special rate pool includes long life assets, integral plant in buildings, thermal insulation and cars with CO2 emissions over 160g/km. The general pool contains other plant and machinery.
The old system of cheap/expensive cars has been abolished, but transitional rules cover existing expenditure before April 2009.
Industrial building allowances are being phased out: 4% in 2007/08; 3% in 2008/09; 2% 2009/10; 1% 2010/11; nil thereafter.