Earliest dates for payment of tax & Important Annual Limits

Earliest Dates For Payment Of Tax


Income Tax
EmploymentMost tax paid under PAYE
Interest, dividendsLower/basic rate liability usually settled before receipt
Untaxed sources, plus balance on employment and higher rates on investment income (self assessment)Payments on account for 2010/11 on 31.1.11 and 31.7.11 based on 2009/10 tax; balance due 31.1.12 with first instalment for 2011/12.
Capital Gains Tax31 January following the tax year.
Inheritance TaxNormally 6 months after month of death.
Corporation TaxLarge companies pay by instalments starting 6 1/2 months through the accounting period; small/medium companies pay 9 months and 1 day after end of period.



Important Annual Limits


Individual Savings Account investment£10,200**£7,200
Enterprise Investment Scheme investment *500,000 *500,000
Venture Capital Trust investment   ***200,000   ***200,000
* Relief at 20%    *** Relief at 30%
** From 6.10.09, £10,200 for those aged 50+.