Why now is a great time for UK Businesses

Why now is a great time for UK Businesses

After years of uncertainty, the UK can now stand up and be proud of the fact that we live in a place where business is great and the opportunities are just getting better each day! Government strategy aimed at kick-starting the economy following the recent financial crash seems to be pushing the economy in the right direction again.

Facts and Figures

But it isn’t all great news, despite the recent rise in prosperity, the UK has slipped from 13th to 15th in terms of wellbeing and finances. However, we climbed a mighty nine places to 19th overall in the financial table and that is from a pool of 142 countries worldwide. These places are based on a mixture of perceived job availability, inflation and unemployment rates.

Economic Transformation

According to the programme director of the prosperity index, the UK is now one of the most prosperous countries in the world today. Apparently George Osbourne should receive some credit due to the fact that his party have made it far easier for new business startups to exist. The same index places us at number 6 in terms of entrepreneur possibility and the UK is actually the best place in the whole of the EU to start up your own business.

David Cutter& Co

With such an air of positivity doing the rounds here in the UK, Cutter & Co would love to be able to help all budding entrepreneurs to realise their dream of running their own business. We are always delighted to help and can offer friendly and expert advice that begins with the formation of your company right through to developing a sound business plan and making your tax returns every year. They say that behind every great business is a great accountant and here at David Cutter& Co, we totally understand that sentiment 100%.

So if you are thinking about starting up your own company this year or the next, Cutter & Co Chartered Accountants are here to help and we are waiting for your call.