4 Reasons Why You Need To Be Friends With Your Accountant

Friends with your accountant

4 Reasons Why You Need To Be Friends With Your Accountant

If you are currently running a small business but are not exactly on first name terms with your accountant, perhaps it is time to change that. You see, making contacts in business is absolutely crucial and quite often, it is absolutely the best way to get the inside view on those latest snippets of information. At Cutter & Co accountants in Halesowen we pride ourselves on the strong relationships we form with our clients. Here are4 excellent reasons why keeping a close relationship with your accountantis key for your business.

Record keeping

Your financial records can change from day to day and if you only bother to check in with your accountant once or twice a year, how are they expected to offer their expert advice in a timely fashion? They may be able to spot an issue before it snowballs and by touching base regularly with them, you can easily avert a disaster.

Regulations and laws

Regulations and laws change regularly and sometimes don’t get the publicity required, quite often leaving people unaware and vulnerable.Your accountant will be far more in touch with the powers that be and they can let you know when any serious changes are on the horizon. Think about your accountant as a business partner because they will be able to save you money and offer advice that really does make sense.

Goals and objectives

The closer your relationship with your accountant, the more in step they will be with your aspirations and overall business plan. If you decide to change the way that you run your business, let your accountant know sooner rather than later. By sharing your plans and concerns, you are more open for the expert financial advice that they are being paid to supply.

Personalities matter

If you never get to see your accountant, how on earth can you be sure that they are the right person for the job? Accountants provide a service and the quality of that service will depend on the relationship you build together. Don’t feel as if you should hire the first one that you see and do not necessarily go for the cheapest one because there is usually a good reason for low fees. By spending your time with several accountants, you can compare their ideas and you will eventually find the right fit for your business.

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